Onboarding your peer-2-peer fundraising platform

Welcome to our our peer-2-peer fundraising platform! Here’s a little guide to get you started smoothly.


Become an administrator for your account  

You will receive an email with an invitation, that you should open, and accept. When you’re logging into your dashboard for the first time, you will be asked to set up 2 factor authentication, to improve your security. Just add your mobile number, or download the Authy application, and you will receive a 7-digit code when you log in through a  new browser. For practical- and security reasons, we don’t recommend you to share your account with anybody.


Edit your organisation account

When you have set up your administrator account, you are ready to edit your page. Log in, go to “My Dashboard” (upper right corner, see screenshot) and  fill in the information about your organisation.

Pick “Settings” in the menu on the left, and fill out the basic information of your organisation. It is important that you provide us with all the information asked for here. Just follow the top menu and go through all the points:

Charity Page, Address and Bank info should all be filled out before your charity starts collecting donations. Documents and subscription is being filled out by BetterNow, but you should make sure the information is correct.


Charity Page

Fill out your charity name and a general description of your work.  It is important to make the description appealing and catching. Explain te goal of your charity and how you work to achieve this. It can be good to give some examples of what is possible to achieve with X amount of money.

The registration number of your charity should be filled out.

You should upload a header banner. This is the image that is displayed behind every fundraiser and it is thus important it is a nice and appealing image. As the design is responsive, it should be as centered as possible, high resolution, and not have any text, neither too much going on on it.

Finally you should upload a charity logo; preferably square in shape and with a transparent background.

Generally about photos on BetterNow: Our platform has a responsive design, which means we need to work with flexible photos, that can look equally good on a broad range of entities. Therefore, to obtain the best possible result, we advice you to use a photo with centered motive, large margins to the sides, and a high quality. Try out how it looks if you are not sure - you can always change it

IMPORTANT: Remember to send the bank account details to For the monthly payout we need to use an iban number. This should be confirmed by your bank. I.e. have your bank send us a direct email where they state that iban+bic/swift number XXX belongs to charity XXX.

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