What text appear on the donors credit card statement?

This depends on what site the donor donated.

If the donor made the donation on a BetterNow platform site (e.g. or another platform site, then the name of the Platform (e.g. BetterNow) will appear on the credit card statement.

If the donor made the donation on your branded site, then your name will name will appear. The only way to change this is to change the name of your organisation from your dashboard under settings. The name is limited to 22 ASCII characters, so if your name is longer than this, it will be cut off in the end.

Be aware that this is a best effort attempt from our payment providers side. The technologies used by banks and credit card providers differ and are often decades old. Certain banks might simply not be able to read the information we pass on. In these cases, the name always defaults to 'BetterNow'.

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