Email/Message 1 - Announce your fundraiser!

Copy-paste the following message, edit it so it fits your style and your cause, and send it to all your friends, family members, colleagues and neighbours. Direct messages, also in groups, are always more effective than a simple mass-email or a Facebook status-update.


Our advice is to divide your contacts in different groups and send them messages on the following order:

1. Your inner- circle (family and close friends)

Start by sending messages to your family and closest friends, they are the ones who most likely will support you and donate to your fundraiser.

2. Your network (relatives, close co-workers, neighbours, college friends)

Continue with your network only after you and your inner circle have donated. Chances are they will feel inspired by your previous donors and follow.

3. Your extended network (co-workers, people in your community, Facebook/LinkedIn connections)

When your fundraiser starts to get donations, proceed to the extended network - people from your community, social media connections and co-workers.

Suggested message:

Subject: Together, we can make a difference!


[Introduction - why]

A little while back I learned that more than 1 billion people lack adequate access to clean drinking water and an estimated 400 million of these people are children. It’s shocking!

Things such as clean drinking water and access to a toilet, which we often take for granted, can be a dream for them.


[Short explanation - how]

I have decided to do something about this, and have therefore started a fundraiser for [charity name - eg. WaterAid],  an organization that works with providing clean and safe water to people in poor countries.

My goal is to collect [fundraising goal] and I need your help to reach it!


[Call to action - now]

Support my fundraiser by donating here: [link to the fundraising page]

It is simple and quick - it will take you only a few minutes and I assure you it’s totally safe.

Each penny counts. €50 is enough to install a water pump that will give clean water to a whole village, and with €350 we can provide sanitation systems for a school with 300 children.


[Spread the message]

Finally, you can make a difference by sharing my fundraising page on your social media profiles. Just click on the sharing buttons and help me spread the message.


Thank you for your support!

[Your Name]

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