How to share your fundraising page via e-mail and Facebook messages

This message mainly aims at targeting your network in a more personal and direct way. Often when you make a status update, it is easily missed, and also targeted to your whole feed. Sending an e-mail or a message makes it easier to be more personal.

 Our advice is to divide your network in different groups, start from the inside out, make a list of your inner circle (family and close friends), your network (relatives, close co-workers, neighbours, college friends), and your extended network (co-workers, people in your community, Facebook/LinkedIn connections). Write first to your family and closest friends, they are the ones who most likely will support you

 This type of e-mail should include the following:

 1. Subject - use an intriguing subject. Keep it short, but meaningful.

2. Introduction -  a paragraph telling the recipient what this e-mail is about. Try to enlighten an issue.

3. Short description - a paragraph where you present the solution and introduce the charity you are fundraising for.

4. Call to action  - a paragraph where you explain your goal and how the recipient can help you reach it. Don’t forget to mention that donating is simple, fast and safe.

5. Spread the message - ask for help to share your fundraising page on social media. If more people see it, the chances of receiving more donations will be greater.

Read some suggestions here.

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