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The more people know that raising money for a good cause is in their hands, the more possibilities we have to make the world a better place together. That is why it is very important that your entire organization is aware of our partnership.


Anyone could help you to identify opportunities for fundraising on BetterNow. Ideas come when we less expect them. It can be that one of your employees had a great idea to encourage people to raise money. Or that the bookkeeper's brother will run a marathon next year. If they have BetterNow in mind, they will connect the ideas and start fundraising. In other words: these opportunities will only get started if you inform your colleagues about BetterNow.

We have made a simple ready-to-send text you could send to your whole organization (and which of course, you may edit it as you wish). If you have been on BetterNow for a long time, this might be a great moment to remind people about the opportunities our platform offers. If you have just partnered up with us, you should definitely send the email!

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Dear colleagues,

[Your organization name] has just started a partnership with BetterNow, an online fundraising platform where our supporters can make their own fundraising page and collect donations from their network.

You can see our profile on BetterNow here: [Link to your profile page]

I manage the account and I would like to invite you to share ideas for a project or event in which we can use BetterNow. Who knows, your idea might be our next super fundraising idea!

And if you have a sister, a friend or you meet a random person who might want to make a fundraising page, let me know!

Here are some fundraising ideas to inspire you:

  • Marathon/ triathlon/ walkathon fundraising -  if the fundraiser is going to do such a huge effort and raise money for a good cause at the same time, his network won’t hesitate to support him;;

  • Birthday fundraising - instead of buying presents, the fundraiser asks his friends to donate money to our charity;

  • Cause fundraising - people who feel close to our cause and just want to support us. They can explain to everybody why supporting our cause is so important for them;

  • Event fundraising -  the fundraiser collects money to hold an event. It can be a small charity concert, a stage play, a solidary match, etc;

  • Creative fundraising - the fundraiser will draw a customized drawing or compose a song for those who donate more than 200 kr.; 

  • Challenges fundraising - the fundraiser will eat nothing but cabbage for a week if enough people donate money for our cause;

These are some ideas but you can do something else completely different. Only your imagination sets the limits! And if you have any question about BetterNow, contact me and I will help you.


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