Ideas for peer-to-peer fundraising

BetterNow is about making fundraising fun, attentive, and easy! Find something important to the fundraiser’s life, that being chess, parachute jumping, a birthday or the work that individuals does – anything may be the occasion for creating a fundraising page. For inspiration we have here gathered some of the more common and validated occasions for a good fundraiser.

Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings

A great opportunity for creating a fundraising page is in the event of occasions, where gifts are traditionally given. Especially, if the person or people being celebrated would much rather like to have their ‘present’ be supporting a good cause.

This could be the case if a person thinks he or she already have enough material things, feel passionate about a certain cause, and therefore wishes to use the occasion for increasing focus on this particular cause. This might for example be in the occasion of birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, weddings, christenings, etc.

How to proceed: Do you have the birthdays of your members in your database? E-mail them 2-3 months in advance to inform them of this possibility.

Sports achievements

70 % of all fundraisers on BetterNow are in connection with a sports. Achieving something in sports provides a great opportunity for creating a fundraising page. Athletes, including amateurs, are already passionate about their sports, and combining their achievements in sports with raising money for a good cause gives them a reason to share their passion with their network even more than they perhaps already do.  Also, it might serve as inspiration for reaching a particular goal and a sense of wellbeing for the fundraiser, for doing something for others while personally achieving something.

The fundraiser can use his or her fundraising page to share information about their training and communicate with their donors. All kinds of sports provides occasions for creating fundraising pages – from a 5 km walkathon to marathons. Though the harder and more sweating the better an occasion for peer-to-peer fundraising.

How to proceed: Identify athletes or group of athletes who support your cause. Alternatively - actively approach sports event to create partnerships with these.

Volunteers fundraising

Volunteers and people generally working for charitable organisations are obvious candidates for creating fundraising pages, because they are already motivated for offering their time and energy in support of the organisation. Volunteers often find their way to BetterNow all on their own, but it is a great idea to encourage them to create fundraising pages and help them get started. The volunteers could then, for example, create fundraising pages to support projects they are already working on.

 Volunteers and people working for charitable organisations may be able to reduce the distance between donor and cause, having first hand access to and knowledge about a particular cause. Using both text and pictures, the volunteer may help the donor get a more concrete understanding of where the money goes and why this particular cause is so important. The donors, being primarily people from within the network of the fundraiser, are then motivated both by the wish to support the work of someone they know as well as a cause they now have genuine knowledge about.

It is of course important to respect the volunteers and allow them to create fundraising pages in their own time and on their own terms – it makes it all that much more genuine. 

How to proceed: Make it part of the normal routine when volunteers are onboarded that they create a fundraiser.

Corporate fundraising

There is a range of ways for companies to engage in personal fundraising. Creating company fundraising pages on BetterNow may even be part of their CSR strategy, because they achieve more visibility by donating through BetterNow than by donating directly to a particular cause. Additionally, using BetterNow is a great way for a company to utilise social media in their CSR work.

Moreover, engaging in personal fundraising may encourage others to do the same, which means that the funds raised may reach well beyond the company itself. One way of doing so is by encouraging workers, customers or partners to support the cause and donate via the company’s fundraising page, or increasing awareness about the particular event or cause supported. 

How to proceed: Make sure your corporate fundraisers have BetterNow in their toolbox when talking with companies.

Providing a service

The fundraiser may provide a service or give away a product to the donors. This could be a way for a small independent business to promote its product(s) to a new client base. It could also be a way for someone to offer their expertise, such as coaching sessions, personal training or other services in exchange for donations on BetterNow.

How to proceed: Give it as an option for small companies who can't afford to give a monthly contribution. 

The personal connection

Fundraisers with a personal connection to a particular cause are really good fundraiser, because they often bring their own stories to the fundraising pages. It might be, that the fundraiser has personally been helped by an organisation, have experience working within the same field or have friends or family with a particular illness or problem. These fundraisers will typically share their story on their fundraising pages, which serves as a strong motivation not just to create the fundraising page, but also for the donor to actually donate to the organisation at hand. 

How to proceed: Identify the most active people on your forums, community pages and social media and contact them about the opportunity.

Emergency fundraising

In this case, the fundraiser is not necessarilly motivated by personal experience. Inspiration for creating the fundraising page may for example have come through the media. This fundraiser typically has no other reason for creating a fundraising page than the pure wish to support at particular cause. These fundraising pages are typically created in the wake or media coverage, etc. 

How to proceed: Make sure to have a project ready on BetterNow whenever catastrophe hits.

Community fundraising

Not just individuals but also communities can create fundraising pages. Creating a page together may create strengthen a sense of community, create a shared experience or motivate individuals to work hard on succeeding in reaching the goal set when creating the page. Different kinds of communities can create pages: school classes, sections of companies, sports teams, marching bands, groups of friends – everywhere there is a tight knit community there is a potential for great peer-to-peer fundraising.

How to proceed: Identify tight knit communities that have a connection with your cause and approach them.

Celebrity fundraising

Because of their status, celebrities and public personas have the ability to draw extra attention to a fundraising page. If a famous person encourages people to make donations, the effect may reach far beyond the personal network. For this to happen, it is however important that the fundraiser takes an active approach to creating a fundraising page and that he or she engages in the process of fundraising.  

How to proceed: Identify ambassadors that might be interested in creating a fundraiser - and who will do it very actively.


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