What does BetterNow do?

BetterNow manages a range of tasks connected to personal fundraising, normally managed by the charitable organisations themselves. We develop and maintain an IT platform and provide service and support for charities and fundraisers, as well as donors.

Additionally, we do the administrative work in connection to handling of money and data. In short, we do all the practical stuff associated with personal fundraising.

By doing it for many charities, we can do this much cheaper than what the charities them self could do.

The current fee of 7,5/5% (depends on which country the charity is located in) is less than the one charitable organisations use on many other types of fundraising such as telemarketing, TV spots, or street work. This means that BetterNow is a very cheap way of doing fundraising.

This means, that with very little effort, charitable organisations receive money from new sources. 

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