How to boost donations from corporate partners

Corporate donors can help you raise more money and boost your organisation’s publicity. For that reason, it is a good idea to encourage your corporate partners and other companies to support you on BetterNow. Here are a few tips on how to increase corporate donations:

Raise more money from a corporate partner

If a company already supports a specific project of your organisation, you can encourage them to strengthen the partnership by involving their employees, and also encouraging them to help raise money for the project. Employees willing to fundraise become ambassadors by sharing their personal fundraising pages with their social networks. They increase awareness and encourage other employees and their friends to join the cause.

Encourage the concept of "matching" donations

You can use the concept of matching donations (to double up) to increase corporate donations. The company creates a fundraising campaign for your project on BetterNow, encourages employees to support it, and when the fundraising ends, the company doubles the amount of money that the employees have raised. In that way, the whole company takes part in the fundraising. Learn more about how to sell the concept of matching here.

Create awareness about corporate donations on BetterNow

Encourage companies to support you and make it easy for them to start a fundraiser at BetterNow. Promote your BetterNow page and directly link to it in your newsletter for business as well as on your website in the section for businesses. Post about it on Facebook and any other social media you use. You could even add it to your email signature. You can easily increase awareness about corporate donations by using multiple channels.


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