How to activate your colleagues too

When you are all set up on BetterNow, you need to start sharing your organisation’s page with your colleagues.They can help you to spread the word, manage the profile on BetterNow and create fundraising pages. Online fundraising is all about going viral – and your colleagues are the best people to start with.

Here are some tips on motivating colleagues to contribute to your organisation’s success on BetterNow:


 Invite them as users

First of all you need to invite everybody who are likely to have anything to do with peer-to-peer fundraising, to be administrators of your BetterNow page. To have access to invite other administrators, you need to be an administrator yourself. If you are not; contact our support and we will send you an invitation. 

If you are already an administrator (remember to log in): Go to your dashboard --> click on "users" in the left menubar --> Click on "Add a Charity Administrator", write the emailaddress and click "Invite".

For more specific instructions, click here.


Tell your colleagues about BetterNow

Your colleagues can help you spread the word. Tell all employees about your organisation’s page on BetterNow. Send an email to get them on board. Use different ways to promote your organisation’s profile, f.e. intranet, company magazine, social networks or a meeting. Explain why your organisation has created a BetterNow profile and what you hope it will achieve. Maybe one of them has a good idea or knows a potential fundraiser.

We have made it easy for you and written a sample email to tell your colleagues about BetterNow. Download it here.


Give your colleagues access to manage BetterNow

All employees who work with fundraising, campaigns and marketing may need to create a project and manage your organisation’s profile at a given time. Invite more users and assign them access rights. They can also help you to keep the organisation’s profile up to date.


Encourage your colleagues to support your organisation’s goal

Your colleagues are the best people to kick start the activity on your BetterNow page. Get them involved with helping raise funds for your charity. Motivate them to donate or create fundraising pages. Make it fun by launching a competition or rewarding the first colleagues who fundraise.

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