How to find your first online ambassadors

Fundraisers are important to any organisation, but the first online ambassadors are even more crucial to run peer-to-peer fundraising successfully. The first supporters communicate commitment, jumpstart the activity and help you spread the word and create awareness.

Here are a few tips on how to get the first fundraisers on BetterNow, or how to inspire even more people to support you:


Find the first ambassadors in your network

Start with searching for fundraisers in your organisation’s network. Maybe you have a celebrity ambassador who could start a fundraiser, a board member, an energetic student assistant, or maybe one of your own friends or family members? They probably are engaged ambassadors because they either believe strongly in your causes or want to support you personally.


Give ideas and inspiration for the fundraising concept

Your ambassadors probably aren’t professional fundraisers. Inspire them and give some helpful ideas to get started. The ideas might include tips on how to raise money – for example through an event: Doing an ironman or celebrating a birthday or a wedding is a great reason to ask the network for donations. Here you can find more inspiration for starting a fundraiser.


Follow up and help the fundraisers

Empowering your fundraisers and giving them the confidence to ask for donations means for you to get more money for your cause. Create and share some introductory material, such as a five-step guide, and encourage them to take the first step. Guide your fundraisers through the whole process. Advise them about sending emails, sharing their fundraising page and how to use social media to create awareness. Read more about how to create a successful fundraiser.

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