How to manage peer-to-peer fundraising in your organisation

Almost any personal event or occasion that will bring people together, such as birthday, anniversary, christening or wedding, is a powerful way to raise money via peer-to-peer fundraising. On those occasions people start a fundraiser and ask their social networks to donate for a good cause.

BetterNow has made it easy for you to handle such fundraisings online - while both saving time and money. It requires that everyone who receives inquiries from potential fundraisers and donors, either by phone or email, knows about BetterNow and how it works. Here are a few tips on how to tell your colleagues about BetterNow:

Inform your colleagues receiving inquiries about donations

Make an appointment and tell them about your organisation’s profile on BetterNow and how peer-to-peer fundraising works. Show them BetterNow’s website and examples of online fundraising, so they are prepared to help and guide potential fundraisers and donors. Share the introductory material you created for the fundraisers with them.

Follow up and share experiences

Create a reminder in your calendar in 2 months and hold a follow-up meeting. Ask your colleagues how it goes with passing on potential fundraisers to the BetterNow platform. At the meeting you can also share experiences and tips to optimize your procedure for requests on individual fundraising. Create and share a list of the frequently asked questions and answers.

You will get the most out of your profile on BetterNow, if you continuously tell good stories about the success and the achievements of your individual fundraisers. Nothing helps inspire like a good story.

By the way, on our blog you can follow up-to-date fundraising best practices, articles and news on BetterNow about new functions. You can read more about the blog here.

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