How to use BetterNow for event fundraising

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Using BetterNow can help you maximize your event’s fundraising potential. Maybe your organisation already has some events during the year, where it would be obvious to involve peer-to-peer fundraising. If you don't have your own events, you can just use other events to raise money for your cause.

Here are a few ideas on how you can integrate BetterNow into your event fundraising:


Use your own existing events

Make an appointment with the person coordinating events in your organisation and get an overview of the planned events throughout the year, and where it could be relevant to involve peer-to-peer fundraising. It can be small or large events, events you do alone, together with partner organisations, institutions or corporate partners. Besides raising money, peer-to-peer fundraising also helps spread the word about your event through social media.


Use other events to start peer-to-peer fundraising

Don’t you have any planned events? Then use others' events to create awareness about your cause. It can be sports events, for example the annual marathon in your city, Christmas events, festivals, and so on. Create a project for the event on BetterNow and spread the word in your network, for example through newsletters, social media and your website. 

More inspiration

Read more about our event function here or go to our blog - it's full of inspiration and advices.

You are also welcome to contact BetterNow for a customized assessment.


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