How to communicate peer-to-peer fundraising

It is important that the people who support your organisation know that they can create their own fundraising page. The easiest way to let them know that is placing a link to your BetterNow profile on your website. Here we tell you about  two different ways of doing that that have had successful results for some of our partners.

The first one is setting the link under a heading that appeals directly to them. For example ”How Can I Help?”. Under  this headline you can give a general introduction to BetterNow and to personal online fundraising. Besides that,  you can provide suggestions to create fundraising pages and encourage supporters to fundraise. Once they are on the BetterNow site, we provide them support and guidance on how to fundraise best.

Alternatively, you can link directly from your front page. Many organisations have had good experiences with this approach, attracting a lot of new fundraisers. Some good examples are the Danish cancer association for children (”Børnecancerfonden”) and ”Julemærkefonden” (a Danish association supporting stays for children low self-esteem).



Inspiration: Some text examples to explain BetterNow and peer-to-peer fundraisng

”On BetterNow you can create your own personal fundraising page, where friends and family can donate to (name of organisation). With BetterNow, you can make any event or passion in your life a reason to support (name of organisation). Use e.g. your birthday, a new year’s resolution, running a marathon, a garage sale, or perhaps a challenge as a reason for creating your personal fundraising page. Any occasion is a good occasion for creating a fundraising page in support of (name of organisation)”.

This is how you do it – it takes only a few minutes.

  1. Go to (link to organisation’s profile page on BetterNow) and create a free fundraising page in support of (name of organisation)’s general work or a specific project. Press the blue ”Start Fundraising” button.

  2. Upload a photo or a video and write a personal text (you can also use the standard text).

  3. Share the link to your fundraising page with your network. Use e-mail or Facebook to create awareness.

  4. Anyone can make a donation with their credit cards and donate an amount of their choice for your fundraising page in support of (name of organisation).

BetterNow is always ready to help you with inspiration and guidance on how to fundraise. They are also there to help, if you experience any problems with your fundraising page. You are welcome to write them anytime at


See what other organisations have done:

Below you find examples of how Danish organisations have linked to BetterNow on their websites.

1. Link from their frontpage

"BørneCancerFonden" ( and "Julemærkefonden" ( have linked directly from their front pages, under the heading "start/lav din egen indsamlingsside" (create your own fundraising page).



2. Links from submenu.

"Landsforeningen mod spisforstyrrelser og selsvskade" (, "Red Barnet" ( og "Diabetseforeningen" ( have chosen to do it from a submenu.



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