“Double up”- using matching grants with companies

The Concept

You can make an agreement with a company in a way that challenges its employees to fundraise and improves the company social image at the same time. How? The company encourages the employees to raise money for a particular occasion and commits to double any amount they raise. This means that if the employees raise € 7000, the company donates € 7000, making the total sum of € 14.000.


How do you offer this concept to the company?

“Double up” fundraising offers a lot of advantages for a company in comparison to traditional fundraising methods. Here are some arguments for doing ”double up fundraising”

  • It creates a feeling of solidarity and unity within the company. Besides, it calls for team spirit, because everybody have a common goal, both employees individually and the company as a whole.

  • It improves the company public image. When a company takes on its social responsibly with such kind of efforts, it does not go unnoticed by press or society.

  • It improves also the employees satisfaction. People feel better working on a company that support good values.   

  • The best argument for doing double up fundraising is of course that the company makes a difference supporting a good cause. Besides, it sets an example for clients, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.


How do the company proceed?

1. Find a occasion and set up a project on BetterNow

The company choose an occasion or event they find suitable for doing fundraising. When they have it, they can send you a picture and a text that describes their fundraising plan. Then, create a project by going to the administration panel on BetterNow. Click ”create new project” and insert the picture and the text. It is a good idea to make your contact person within the company project administrator. This means that they will be able to edit and administrate the company’s project.


2. Find an ambassador

Invite a creative employee to start the first fundraising page and then use him or her as an example.


3. Spread the initiative among the employees

Suggest the company to send out an email with a link to its BetterNow page to all the employees. Try also to encourage the company to share the fundraising page via internal communication channels, pass out flyers in the canteen, talk about the concept at team meetings, etc.


4. Keep the employees updated and motivated with milestones and challenges

It is important that someone within the communications team keeps the fundraising going, by continuously encouraging the employees, informing them of how much has been raised thus far, who has raised the most, etc. Set milestones, such as 1500 €, 2000 €, etc. When reaching these milestones, celebrate it. Another option is making different teams competing against each other to increase motivation.


6. Once you reach the goal

At that point, the company should celebrate. Remember to take pictures and to preserve any kind of material related to it, both you and the company can later use in internal communication. It is a great story for a newsletter or email – it might even provide some external publicity.


Which occasions are suitable for fundraising?

Any big event you can think of can be the basis of fundraising.

Here are a couple of ideas:

-    An annual marathon or triathlon.

-    A Christmas collection. Starting a fundraising for a charity is something original and related to the Christmas values. It can make a bigger input than sending out the traditional Christmas cards to customers, employees and suppliers.

-    An event that is already part of the company’s annual calendar.

-    A cause already highlighted in the media, such as relief aid for a particular area.

-    If the company takes part of exciting campaigns such as ”biking to work”, this might be the occasion for doing fundraising.

-    The annual summer party or the company family day .

-    Events for partners and suppliers.


Get started

Are you having a hard time finding a company that could find the double up concept relevant? Start with finding the project. Find out which companies have signed up for different events – and then approach them with the idea of double up fundraising. If you need further support, we are always ready to help you. You are welcome to contact us anytime at


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