Tax deductions: Austria

Disclaimer: The below is not legal advise, - you should always consult with your locale tax office about how to obtain a tax deduction

Below you find the most basic information about tax deduction in Austria. 

Should you have any further questions, please contact your local tax authority. 

Claiming a Tax Deduction
All donations made to charities on BetterNow qualify for tax deduction. 
In order to claim tax deduction, you have to contact you local tax authority. It does not happen automatically. 

You can claim tax deduction in two ways: 

1) Online

Online claim is easy and free of charge. Go to FinanzOnline: Once on the website and in possession of your citizen card (Bürgerkarte) and social security number, you can register and then process to claim tax deduction. 

You may have to forward the donation receipt, you have received from BetterNow. 

Should you run into any problems claiming tax deduction, please use the hotline and services of your local tax authority.

2) By Mail

Go to the “Bundesministerium Für Finanzen” website:

Here, you can request a tax deduction form, which will be delivered by mail. 
Once filled in, please mail it to your local Tax Office. 

General Tax Information: 
- Tax deduction claims can be made up to 5 years after making the donation. 
- You donation receipt from BetterNow should be kept for 7 years. 

For more information, please contact your local tax authority. Go to: 

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