Can I get my donation refunded?

As a general rule all donations are final and non refundable. 

But we do in som cases offer refunds in cases of errors, mistakes and the like. But it depends on what country the charity you donated is located in.


In Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden we can refund your donations within a 7 days period. In order to get a refund, contact our support.

If the donation have already been send to the charity, you will have to contact the charity for a refund.

Rest of Europe

In all other countries donations are not refundable. This is so that donors can receive a tax deduction on the donation - as donations are required to be nonrefundable by tax authorities. We send a receipt a proof of your donation, this receipt would be worthless as a proof of your donation if the donation was refundable.

We will still give you a refund, in certain rare cases due to fraud or likewise.

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