How to share a fundraising page on Facebook

Facebook is a great ally to spread a fundraising page and reach a whole bunch of people! Actually, those fundraisers who share their pages on social media collect substantially more money than those who don’t. Convinced? Here’s a quick overview to help you to understand how to share your fundraising page in Facebook and make the most of it:

A. Share your fundraising page directly from BetterNow

You can share your fundraising page in Facebook directly from the BetterNow website. Make sure you already are logged in and follow the next steps:

1. Press the “Share” button.

2. Write a description in order to encourage your friends to support your fundraising

3. Press “Share link”

Your message will appear in the NewsFeed of all your friends and all those who have "liked" your fundraising. This message will include also a link to your fundraising page on BetterNow.


B. Share it as a status update

You can paste a link to your fundraising page directly in Facebook following the next steps:

1. Copy the URL of your fundraising page and paste it in a new status update in Facebook.

2. Add a comment, as you can see in the image:

3. Press “Share link”


C. Use ”send” to write directly and privately to one or several users

Use the send button to share your fundraiser with just a few of your friends. Click the speech balloon to do it:

Tips and tricks to engage your fans when sharing your fundraising:

Facebook offers you the possibility of adding not only a written message, but also many other things that would make your post more interesting.

  • Share a picture or a video: Do you have a picture related to the fundraising you would like to show to the world? As you can see in the image below, there is an option called “Add photos/video”. Click there and follow the instructions.
  • Tag other users in your comment: If you write an at (@) before the user's name, he or she will be named in the comment. Here you have an example:

As we wrote @Savethechildren in the comment, the NGO profile is tagged in the message and would be notified of all the activity related to it. It is a great tool to involve other users in your messages.

  • Interact with other users: If you want your fundraiser to be successful on Facebook, you must interact with the users.
  • We recommend you to “like” everything your friends post regarding to your fundraising. They will appreciate it and it will help to spread fundraising, because posts with many likes gain visibility in Facebook!
  • If your friends post something regarding to your fundraising, “share” it! All your contacts would see it as well.

Write in their timelines: Don’t forget that you can make comments in other users' timelines (the same way you can write them in your own).

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