How To Share A Fundraising Page On Instagram


Instagram is a social network service primarily for photos and short videos. You can edit your photos and share them with your network on Instagram, and can also choose to simultaneously share them on e.g. Twitter and Facebook. It is a simple and fun way to inspire your followers with stylish photos and simple texts -  at several platforms simultaneously. Instagram is - in contrast to LinkedIn -  pretty informal, and since the photos can be shared on several platforms at the same time, it is an easy way to reach a broad audience fast. An example of when it would suitable to use Instagram, could be if you are running a marathon as the goal of your fundraising initiative. You can then use Instagram to publish photos and videos as a way of conveying your journey. Starting out, it may be a good idea to decide on the specifics of your updates before you start sharing updates. These include a plan for how often you want to publish, and if there should be a theme or focus - to avoid confusing your followers! Instagram is most commonly used from smartphones, where it’s easy for you to make updates wherever and whenever. Following is a short guide on how to share photos and videos for your fundraising page on Instagram.

1. Log on to your account on Instagram on your smartphone. When you open the app, you will see the menu shown below at the bottom of your screen. To upload and share a photo or video, press the camera icon in the middle.


2. Second, you choose between two alternatives. You can either take a photo or video using the app, or you can choose within your smartphone library. When you have chosen or created a photo or video, press “Next” in the upper right corner to move forward and start editing

3. At this step, you edit your photo or video according to your own taste and preferences. You can choose among filters, adjust focus and sharpness and even add a frame if you want to. When you’re satisfied with the editing, press “Next” in the upper right corner.


4. This last step is the most important one. This is where you decide on the specifics of who will see your update and what they will see - remember that the more people see your update, the more people can help you reach your goal!

To share with chosen contacts, choose “direct” in the upper border to handpick who can see your update. When you have decide who can see your photo, it is time to formulate your message - it may be a good idea to put the link to your fundraising page as a part of your message, to make it easier for you followers to find you on BetterNow.

If your profile is open, you can use “hashtags” (#) to help people outside your network find you. For example, you can write #charity so other people using the same # can find or search for you.

Before you share the photo or video you can decide if you want it to be published on other social media platforms simultaneously. By pressing the different alternatives (e.g. Facebook, Twitter), you can publish on several channels at the same time - Just make sure the content is suitable for your network on the other channels too!  When you feel ready to publish, you press “Share” at the bottom of the screen, and your photo or video is shared with your network!



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