How to share a fundraising page on Twitter

Twitter offers you a unique possibility to share your fundraising not only with your friends, but also with people that you don’t know personally, but who can support you. Using twitter is really easy but also offers a challenge: tweets cannot be longer than 140 characters.


Here’s a quick overview of how to share your fundraising on Twitter, as well as some tips on how to make the best tweets possible:

A. Tweet your fundraising page directly from the BetterNow website

This is the easiest way of sharing your fundraising. Make sure you’re already signed in to your Twitter account and follow the next steps:

1. Go to your fundraising page on BetterNow and press the “Tweet” button you see in the image below

2. A new tab will open with a suggested message and a link to your fundraising page. Write a different content if you want or just press “Tweet” to share it with your followers.


B. Paste the link directly in a new tweet

Just sign in to your Twitter account and compose a new tweet. To do that, click the button to “Compose new tweet” you will find in the top navigation bar:

Paste the link there, write a message with less than 140 characters and press Tweet.


C. Send it in a private message to one of your followers.

If you want to share the link to your fundraising page privately, click this button.

As you can see in the previous image, it is next to the option “Compose new tweet”. Paste the link there, add a message if you want and click “Send message”.


Tips and tricks to succeed when sharing your fundraising via Twitter

By using a few easy tricks, everything you tweet can be read by any twitter user and not only by your followers. You just need to increase your tweets' visibility:

- Create hashtags by adding a # before a key name. For example if you want to share your fundraising page to support a research against cancer, add # before "fundraising" and "cancer". People who are reading tweets about fundraising or cancer are now likely to read your message too.

- Use @ before other users names to add them to your tweet. These users will get a notification and all their followers will potentially read your tweet as well.

Here’s an example of how to use # and @ in a tweet:

- As you can see in the previous image, you can add a photo to your tweet. This is a great way of making your tweet more attractive!

- It can be difficult to summarize everything you want to say in 140 characters, especially if you also want to add a link to your fundraising page. Don’t worry! There are plenty of websites that allow  you to shorten a link on the Internet. Try for example or, Google url shortener.

- Be positive: More people will be interested in your tweets if you send positive and encouraging messages. Post every time you reach a goal or every time someone makes a contribution to your fundraising. Thank them and remember to add them to the tweet with an @ if they use Twitter!

- Try to increase visibility: Don’t forget to use hashtags. Many people might be interested in the amazing fundraising you are doing for a good cause. Make finding you easy for them discover you.

- Be active: The best way to make other users interested in your tweets, is by showing an interest in theirs. You can reply to, retweet or mark as a favourite any tweet your read. You will find these options in every tweet, just click on them.

Using Twitter is simple, but effective. If you find expressing everything you need to say in only 140 characters difficult, just remember that the simplest phrasing is usually the best. Go for it!

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