How to communicate peer-to-peer fundraising on your website

Communicating on your organisation’s website that people can start their own fundraiser on BetterNow will help drive traffic and attract fundraisers and donors. Make an appointment with a web administrator in your organisation and make sure the message stands out clear on the website. Here are a few tips on how you can do it:


Add a prominent link on your website

The more active you are in promoting your BetterNow profile, the more traffic you will drive to that page – and the more fundraisers you will get. One important channel is your own website, because people interested in your projects visit it. You probably have a "support us" section on your website with different options on how to support your cause. Peer-to-peer fundraising is one of them. Integrate a button or widget on your website that activates the potential fundraisers and directly links them to your own page on BetterNow. We provide widgets you can easily add - learn more here.


Explain how to start fundraising

By adding peer-to-peer fundraising to your website you will reach new individual fundraisers who want to support your cause online, but they probably aren’t professional fundraisers. Help them to become great and successful supporters. Inspire and guide them on how to create a good fundraising and how to involve their network. Provide tips on how to get started. Write a short "how-to" guide and place it on your website in the section for online fundraising.

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