How to integrate BetterNow into campaigns and projects

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Peer-to-peer fundraising through BetterNow can be added as a component of any fundraising campaign to raise more money and reach more people. Individual fundraisers participate in the campaign by setting a personal fundraising goal towards the overall goal. You simply allow them to create a personal fundraising page on BetterNow and to raise money for your project by using their social networks.

Schedule an appointment with a colleague in the marketing department and make a plan for how to integrate peer-to-peer fundraising into your campaigns.


For which campaigns is peer-to-peer fundraising the right fit?

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great supplement to your offline campaigns. Whether national offline fundraising campaigns, member recruitment campaigns, fundraising for disaster relief or advocacy campaigns – you can easily use your page on BetterNow in all campaign activities where you raise money for a specific cause. Contact us for guidance and help about how you can integrate peer-to-peer fundraising into both your existing and future campaigns.


Set up your campaign on BetterNow

Simply create a project for your campaign on BetterNow by using your organisation dashboard. It's easy - you only need a picture and a description of the campaign. Learn how to do it.


Get started

Contact us at BetterNow for assistance and help on how to proceed!


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