Inspire more fundraisers by telling good stories

Good stories help inspire supporters to start a personalized fundraiser. Spread the word about great fundraiser stories to get more ambassadors for your organisation and create awareness about your BetterNow profile as well.

Make an appointment with a colleague in the communications department and make a plan for how to communicate to your supporters and others about the opportunity to fundraise through BetterNow. Here are a few tips on what you can do:

Write about BetterNow in your newsletter or magazine

Is there a person who has made a creative or fun fundraising, or raised money for i.e. a sports event or a birthday? Inspire others by showing best practices and telling great stories. Link also to your organisation's profile on BetterNow to create awareness and make it easy for new fundraisers to get started.

Support your fundraisers on Twitter and Facebook

Give the fundraisers a little help by posting about them and their stories on your Facebook and Twitter profile – or even on your blog – and linking to their fundraising pages. Celebrate their achievements and let everyone know how they support your cause. That motivates them to keep on fundraising and maybe also inspires others to start a fundraiser. Moreover, highlighting fundraiser stories engages your fans and followers emotionally, and creates awareness.

Keep on telling inspiring fundraising stories

You will get the most out of your profile on BetterNow, if you continuously tell good stories about the success and the achievements of your individual fundraisers. Nothing helps inspire like a good story.

By the way, on our blog you can follow up-to-date fundraising best practices, articles and news on BetterNow about new functions. You can read more about the blog here.

The BetterBlog newsletter keeps you and your colleagues automatically informed about fundraising campaigns that are moving fast on BetterNow. To subscribe to the BetterBlog, click here. You will get notified every time a new blog has been posted.

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