How to share a fundraising page on WhatsApp



Whatsapp is a real-time message service which allows you to send personal messages to one or more people from your contact list - and it’s free!

Whatsapp is also a more personal way in which to communicate. It’s easy and flexible to communicate directly with your friends and to tailor your messages according to personal interests.

All fundraising pages have a whats-app sharing icon in the sharing bar when you access it on your mobile phone.

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Alternatively, below is a quick guide on how to share your page using WhatsApp.

Following is a short guide on how to share your fundraising page using WhatsApp.

 1. Open the app on your smartphone and press the speech balloon with the text “Chat” in the menu at the bottom of the screen. The text “New Group” will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Press it to go to the next step.  


2. If you want to use a picture for your group, press “add photo” and pick one from your photo library. Choose a suitable name for your group and then press “next” to go forward.


3. Now it’s time to add people to the group. You add by either typing the name of the person you wish to add in the typing box, or by pressing the plus sign to browse through your contact list.  If you plan on creating more than one group with different themes and messages, remember to carefully add contacts accordingly. When you’re satisfied with the members in the group, press “create”.


4. Your message group is now created and ready to start using. You can send private messages, photos, videos or recorded voice memos. Sending your fundraising page in a message to your group along with a description of your initiative might be a good place to start. By pressing the upward pointing arrow to the right of the message box, you will find all functions for sharing and creating photos and videos, and for sharing your location (if you are meeting someone in the group or if you have a challenge that makes  sharing your location suitable). By pressing the microphone icon on the left hand side of the message box, you can record and share voice memos with your group.


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