How to share a fundraising page on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking service perfect for when you wish to reach out to business contacts and organizations. Since this is a good platform from which to reach your business network, it might be a good idea to tailor the message accordingly. Keep the message short and simple. Including an image generally makes it more interesting and eye-catching. at LinkedIn however, it might be enough just to include the link to your fundraising page with a short and informative message about what you want them to do, and why. Following is a short guide on how to share your fundraising page on LinkedIn.

1. Log on to your LinkedIn account and press the “Home” button to see your feed and get access to sharing your fundraising.

2. Here you find the box for sharing. By pressing the paperclip in the upper right corner of the box, you can choose to add an image from your computer.


3. You type your message in the sharing box - something inspiring and short that explains what you want your followers to do.

4. In order to make finding your fundraising page easy, it is important to include the link in your LinkedIn message. Go to your fundraising page and copy the link.

5. Paste the link to your fundraising page below your message, and it will appear in a box below with a short description of BetterNow and your fundraising page picture.

6. Before you press the share button, you can choose who gets to see your message. By choosing public, more people can see it and help you with your cause!

7. When you have chosen with whom to share it, press the share button and your message has been shared on LinkedIn. If you chose to share it “Public+Twitter”, it is also automatically shared on your Twitter account.

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