How to share a fundraising page on Pinterest

Pinterest, which allows you to create and share pinboards with photos and messages to motivate your followers, is perfect as a complement to the other social media platforms. If you, for example, have chosen to challenge others with your fundraising initiative, using Pinterest can enhance motivation and encourage people to participate. If you make your pinboards open for others, they too can add photos and motivational messages, allowing you to motivate and inspire each other. Following is a short guide on how to create a pinboard and share “pins”.

1. Start by logging on to your Pinterest account. At the upper right corner, click on the icon with a plus sign and choose “Create Board”.


2. Before the board is created, you have to decide on the specifics. Come up with a suitable name for your pinboard, describe what it’s all about and maybe add the link to your fundraising page. It’s really important to write the description and choose a category for your pinboard, as that’s how people will find you on Pinterest - to find pins you use the search field or category menu.  Finally, you choose if the pinboard should be secret or public. By making  it public, more people will find you and be able to help out your cause.

3. When you feel ready, press “Create Board” to make your board public. You are now ready to start adding pins, share and inspire others with your pinboard. There are several ways you can add pins to your board. You can 1): Add pins by entering your pinboard, 2): Pin others’ photos on Pinterest by finding the red button with the text “Pin it!”, or 3): Add pins from webpages. The number of webpages, blogs and organizations using Pinterest are increasing. As soon as you see in relation to something you find suitable for your pinboard, press it and add it directly, with a suitable message, to your chosen pinboard - without leaving the website!

4. Here is an example of how to find pins. You type a topic that you’re interested or that suits your charity initiative in the search field and press enter, or search by categories in the category menu to the left of the search field. When you find a quote (or whatever you searched for) that you like, press “pin it” and add it to your pinboard.

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