Personalized e-mails: Enhance your organizational profile

A key feature in the establishing of relations is direct communication between your organization and your fundraisers. This communication serves to remind the individual fundraisers that she/he is part of a greater project seeking to make the world a better place. With a personal message from your organization, fundraisers are given an extra reminder that they are not alone out there and that your organization is supporting them, grateful of their efforts.


How it works:

Every time a new fundraiser page is initiated on the BetterNow website, the fundraiser automatically receives an e-mail from us, containing suggestions and advice on how to get the most out of their fundraiser page.

Each fundraiser furthermore receives a series of similar e-mails meant to guide and assist them all the way from fundraiser page creation to the successful accomplishment of the fundraiser goal. One of the last mails received by the fundraiser is a ‘thank you’ e-mail upon completion of the fundraiser goal.

As a new feature, BetterNow offers charities the option of also sending the fundraiser an automated personalized e-mail from their organization. The mail is automatically dispatched upon creation of fundraiser benefiting your charity as well as on the expiry date of said fundraiser and contains pre-defined text, your organizations logo and a picture of you choosing. Alternatively, your charity can submit a template of your design. The image below is an example of such an e-mail.


The direct communication from your charity contributes towards enhancing the relation between individual fundraisers and your organization and gives each fundraiser a sense that the charity is aware of them personally and their efforts to contribute to your cause.


Here’s how you do it:

This service is exclusively available to organizations on Betternow’s advanced payment plan. Your charity simply submits a text of their choice, their official logo and an appropriate picture to, and BetterNow handles the rest of the automatization process. Alternatively, submit your e-mail template using CSS. The template used by BetterNow is cell phone friendly and thoroughly tested.  

It is, in other words, easy for your organization to improve its profile and supporter relations through personalized mails from BetterNow, thereby achieving personal contact with your fundraisers without having to spend unnecessary resources on manual processes.

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