How do I Create a Fundraiser?

For a detailed description on how to create your fundraiser, follow following steps:

  • Find the charity you want to fundraise for. You can click on “Charities” in the top menu and search for the charity you are looking for.
  • Choose the cause/ project that you wish to support. A charity can have several projects open at the same time. Each charity has a project that supports their “general work”. In addition to that, some have other projects that are earmarked for certain parts of their work. For each project there is a description explaining the purpose of the project. 
  • When you have found your project, click “Start fundraising”.
  • First you have to give your fundraiser a name. Be creative when you pick your name.
  • Thereafter you fill in the description. Here you state why you have picked this cause etc. For more tips and tricks on what to write, click here.
  • Choose an image for your fundraiser. The image will be shown as a cover image of your fundraiser as well as on the fundraiser page itself.
  • You can also choose to show a video instead. Videos have the ability of sending a much stronger message than a picture, and therefore most likely result in more donations. You have to pick choose either an image or a video- you cannot have both.
  • Set a goal. You can choose to keep the pre-set goal of 5000, or you can change to a different one. The goal is the amount that you aim to achieve. The goal is only for yourself to strive for and there will be no consequences if you exceed or fall behind this amount.
  • Set a date for when you want to reach your goal. The date simply gives a signal to your network that this is the date you want to have reached your goal. NB. This does not mean that the fundraiser will be removed or closed for donations. You can still receive donations after this date and your fundraiser will still be visible for everyone. You can, at any time, edit the end date of your fundraiser.

Click “CREATE YOUR FUNDRAISER”. Your own fundraiser has been created.

Note that you can always edit it, and change both image and texts as many times as you wish.

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