Offline Donations

What is an offline donation?

An offline donation is a donation that has been received outside of BetterNow and will therefore not be charged any BetterNow fee.

The donation will be shown on the fundraiser page just like a normal donation.

The payment goes through the charity and the charity is also responsible for adding the offline donation to the fundraiser after having received the donation.

The offline donation feature is mainly for larger donations, that would otherwise have been transferred directly to the charity, and thus not been included in the total amount of the fundraiser.


How to make an offline donation

Offline donations can be made only by Charity administrators. Find below the steps you have to take for adding an offline donation to a fundraiser:

  • Go to your dashboard (can be found in the right upper corner).
  • Choose "Fundraisers" in the left sidebar. 
  • Search for the fundraiser you want to add an offline donation for.
  • Press the small symbol (see attached screenshot below) on the left, under "name" and click Add Offline Donation".
  • Fill in the amount you want to add.


  • Fill in the name that should be shown as donor.
  • If you wish to be anonymous, tick off the box "Anonymous". The donation will then be shown without name on it.
  • Write your email-address. This is important for us to be able to send you your donation receipt. 
  • If you would like to add a motivating comment to the fundraiser, add this in the comment box.
  • Click "CREATE OFFLINE DONATION" and the offline donation has been updated.

Managing offline donations

You can find and edit offline donations under the donations sections of your dashboard. For obvious reasons you cannot refund offline donations nor have donation receipt re-sent, but you can delete offline donations at anytime.


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