How to write a message on a fundraiser page

As a charity administrator you have the opportunity of leaving a message for the fundraiser on the fundraising page.

To create a message, just log in to your account, go to the fundraising page and write an update on her/his activity flow.



When you write a fundraiser message, this will be part of the activity flow on the fundraiser page and it will be visible for everyone visiting that page. The message will automatically show the logo of your organisation.


A notification of the update will be sent to the fundraiser by email.

To keep track of your fundraiser messages, and make sure that you don’t overlap each other if you are several charity administrators, you can see the messages in the backend. Go into your dashboard and click on “Fundraisers” in the left sidebar. Here you can find a column called “Date Contacted”, which states if and when a message has been updated.



Any charity administrator can at all times delete the updates made on behalf of the charity, if this turns out to be necessary. The delete button is located next to the message.


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