Fundraiser Status Update

BetterNow has made it easier than ever to update your donors, supporters and followers and on your fundraising progress. Use the update function in the bottom of your fundraising page (see image below). The update will then be part of the activity flow on your fundraising page.

You can delete an update by going to your fundraising page and pressing the "Delete update" button next to your update- but be careful, if you delete it is gone for ever. 

When you post a new update, all donors will receive an email notification about your update. However, the message will be sent a few minutes after you have posted the update, so you have time to make changes or delete your post, if you make a mistake. 

Update inspiration:

The update can be anything that you would like to share with your donors and other network that visits your fundraiser page. It can be a thank you message or it can be another type of update.

Here are some ideas

  • Make an update of how much money that has been fundraised so far
  • If you are participating in a sports/other event; share your training experiences and/or the final result
  • Let your donors know when you reach your goal; it is a goal you are all reaching together
  • Give an update of the end result
  • Encourage your donors to share your fundraiser in their own network
  • Tell a personal story that touches the subject

Let people know that when they are donating, they are also part of something bigger.

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