I Can't Find the Charity I Want to Fundraise for

If you cannot find the charity you had in mind on our platform, this might not be the end. Most charities are grateful when people want to start a fundraiser for them, and therefore get on the platform upon request.

Just write a request to our support email: and ask.

Let us know which charity/organisation you are looking for, preferably by linking to their homepage. If you have any connection to the charity, or you know anybody their, please inform about this to make it easier for us to reach the right person, and in that way have them on-board as fast as possibly. 

Another way is contact the charity and ask them to request a fundraising account with BetterNow.

To have an account is free, but the organisation need to be registered as a non-profit organisation, and depending on country, fulfill several other requirements. You can therefore expect that it can take up to a month before they are ready to start with online peer-to-peer fundraising. But don't despair; sometimes we have them registered in a day or two!

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