How to follow the settlement progress of my donations

NOTE: The below information is only correct for the old payment infrastructure (discontinues April 2019).

Each donation has to move through a process, before it goes from the donors bank account to your bank account. You can at any point look where a specific donation is in this flow from your dashboard.

1) First our Payment Service Providers (PSP) needs to receive the amount from the donor. After the PSP receives the amount, they will transfer it to us. This process can in total take from 4 to 45 days depending on the payment type. The donations that currently are in this part of the process is what we call "Awaiting PSP", and is the amount of donations that BetterNow haven't received from the PSP.

2) We pay out donations monthly, during the second week of the month. You will receive the donations that we have received form the PSP the previous month. The amount that is up for settlement in the next period is what we call "Pending settlement" and is the amount you can expect to receive in the next pay-out.

To see the total amount that is awaiting PSP Settlement go to your charity dashboard, and check the line Awaiting PSP in the Donations Collected (Gross) section. 

To see the details of the payment for each donation go to the Donation section of your charity dashboard, select the donation that you want to visualise, click on the small wheel and then on View Details.

On the next page you will be able to see the payment type, the donation progress and the actual fees for the donation, as it is shown in the image below.

In addition, when you are logged in to the site and viewing a fundraiser page, there will be a link to the payment details for the donation in the charity dashboard.


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