Why should I have a Widget and how to use it?

If you own a blog or a website, you should definitely promote your fundraising page there. In this way your friends, followers and even random visitors will find out about your fundraiser and support you.

You can promote your fundraiser in following ways:

Add it to you homepage

If you have a website, this is a great place to share your widget. Just copy-paste your widget code into your website, and your widget will pop up. You find the code here.

Write an article about your fundraiser and add the widget on your blog

It can be something short to inform your followers about the new feature, or it can be something more complex, where you explain your reason to collect for this cause and invite them to support you.

Share the widget with your newsletter subscribers

People who subscribe to your newsletter trust you and want to be up to date with what is new on your blog. Your philanthropic activity is big news, you should definitely share it with them.

Add the box as a tab on your Facebook Page

Do you own a Facebook page? If so, why not add the widget in a tab? It is easy, just copy-paste the code on your your tab application and invite your followers to visit it.

Promote the widget on your Facebook Timeline

If you don’t have a Facebook page, just write status updates about the widget on your timeline. Use pictures to do that, statistics show that Facebook updates that include picture are 93% more successful than links or simple text.

Tweet about your new and cool fundraising tool

Spread the good news among your Twitter followers, you will be surprised how many re-tweets and visits the hashtag #charity can generate.

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