Payment via MobilePay on Branded/ Branded Light

As a Danish charity, you have the option to offer MobilePay as a payment channel to your peer-to-peer fundraisers. The monthly MobilePay fee is dependent on which plan you are following. See below.



Branded Light



149 kr

149 kr

Why does it have a fee for the Branded customers? 
When you offer MobilePay to your donors, it must be in your charity's name. We will therefore have to set up an account with our Payment Service Provider partner in order for the MobilePay integration to display your name instead of BetterNow. This account has a monthly fee which is passed on to you.

How do you pay the monthly fee? Together with your present invoice. As soon as we have your first payment we will have MobilePay enabled within two business days for you on a Branded site, and instant for you on the platform. You can cancel it anytime you wish. 

How can we save money by enabling MobilePay? With MobilePay we will let the donor pay the credit card fees associated with the transaction. This is the credit card fee you normally pay. We know from initial tests that 30-40% of the donors will go for the MobilePay option. If you fundraise 30.000 dkk, you would normally pay around 480 dkk in credit card fees. Enabling mobile pay and having 35% of donors donate through mobilepay, you will save 168 kr in credit card fees.


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