Invoicing period

The invoicing period goes from the 1st to the last of each month. This means that for example, the donations that your organisation has received between the 1st and the 31st of January, will be transferred to your organisation during the 2nd week of February. We choose to transfer the donations, not when the fundraiser is finished, but continuously every month, so the charity does not have to wait for the fundraiser to end, before starting to use the money. However, we only transfer one time per month to keep the administrative cost involved with this down.

The reason we wait to transfer the donation until the 2nd week of the month, is in case there are any refunds to be made, and also for our payment providers to catch up.

When and how can you expect to receive monthly invoice?

When the donations are being transferred, an email with a copy of the invoice is being sent to your Charity Accountant of your BetterNow account. You can also find it in your dashboard, under reports. Here you can find the latest report together with all the previous ones that have been sent out. See printscreen below.

To find out more about the reports and their format, click here


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