Closing, Hiding or Deleting a project

When your campaign is over or you for other reason want to end a project, you can either finish, hide og delete a project.

You can delete, hide or finish a project from the project page.

If a project is already finished, you can delete it later. 
If a project is already hidden, then you can finish or delete it. 



Delete a project

If you delete a project, it will be deleted forever. It will no longer be displayed anywhere. All fundraisers for the projects will be set to 'finished' thus they will no longer be able to accept donations and only reachable via a direct link.


Deleting a project is a non reversible action, even for BetterNow employees.

Finish a project

If you finish a project it disappears from the list of available projects that you can fundraise for and it is no longer possible to create new fundraisers. 

The project will still be listed under the index page of all projects, but under projects that you can't fundraise for any longer.

You can also choose to disable donations to all existing fundraisers.


Disabling for donations for a project is a non reversible action, even for BetterNow employees.

Hide a project

If you hide a project, you can still create fundraisers and you can still donate to fundraisers for the project. The project is hidden from all index pages, so only if you acces the project through an existing fundraiser page (which links to the project page), or through the direct link is it possible to find the project.




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