Closing a project

Soon your organization will be able to finalize and close projects on their own. However, for now you have to contact the technical support at BetterNow ( and report what you would like to do with your project.

You have the following options:

Delete: If you delete a project, it will be deleted forever. It will no longer be displayed on the platform. Thus, this means that if there are still active initiatives, they cannot access their fundraising pages and neither receive any more donations.

However, the money raised will always be transferred to the relevant organization.

Finish: You can also finish a project: in this case the fundraiser is not prevented to raise funds, but the project disappears from the list of available projects for the fundraising. Fundraisers, and others, can access the pages of the fundraisers via a direct link.

You can choose to let the fundraisers of a finished project keep receiving donations.

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