Project States

The different states

Your projects can have following states:

1. Draft: This is before it is published. It is only visible by your organisation administrators.

2. Published: The project is published on the platform and visible in all relevant index pages.

3. Hidden: Hiding a project will remove it from all Index pages. Thus the project can only be found by people with the direct link can find the project, or from the link to the project on the fundraiser pages that belong to the project. Index pages are e.g. you charity profile, list of of projects to your organisation, projects belonging to a project and the general list of all projects on BetterNow. 

Even though it is hidden, people can still create fundraisers for the project from the project page, and in every other way, it works as a published project.

4. Finished: When you finish a project, it will no longer accept new fundraisers. The project will still be visible on the site and open fundraisers open to receive donations. You can choose to disable new donations for existing fundraisers; you will be asked about this when you finish a project.

Finishing a project, but keeping donations enabled, is a good way to out-phase a project when a campaign is about to end. 

NB: Finishing a project is permanent. Once a project is finished, it can only be deleted, not re-published. Once donations are disabled, they cannot be re-enabled. 

5. Deleted: If you choose to delete a project, it will immediately be removed from the site. All fundraisers for the projects will automatically be 'finished' -they will no longer be able to accept donations and only reachable via a direct link. If you prefer to keep the project visible, but not allow new fundraisers or new donations to existing fundraisers, choose 'Finish Project' instead.

How to change project state

You can change project state either from the 'Edit project' page, or directly from the project page. Simply press the cogwheel icon in the submenu bar in the header.

Choose the action you want to take. You will be asked to confirm the choice in a pop-up box with further information on your choose.

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