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BetterNow offers MobilePay online to all the charities on the Danish platform This means that the donors can pay via their MobilePay App.

How does it work? The donor enter the payment form from the fundraiser page, just as with any other payment channel. However, instead of choosing "Creditcard" the donor chooses "MobilePay". After the donor have filled out the donation form, the donor is either send directly to her/his mobilepay app if making the donation on a phone. If the donor is on a laptop, the donor will enter her/his phonenumber and complete the payment on their phone. You can read more about this payment method here.




Can each fundraiser get a MobilePay phone number? No, MobilePay does not support this option. If they offer this feature in the future we will look into enabling it.

Does it affect the average donation amount. MobilePay have a high maximum amount, and our test data doesn’t show any changes in the overall average donation amount. We see MobilePay donation, in general, having a lower average than credit card donations, but this reflects that almost all corporate donors will choose credit card rather than MobilePay.

How are donations sent to us and what donor data do we receive? Donations through MobilePay are paid out through your standard monthly pay-out form from BetterNow. You will still receive permissions, donor data and all the donor data you are used to. In the monthly reports, you can identify all MobilePay donations as they will have the type “Quickpay donations” in column XXXX.

How are donations reported to us? Donations through mobilepay are paid out through your standard monthly payout form BetterNow. You will still receive permission, donor data and all the sisal data you are used to.

Are you a Branded/ Branded Light customer? Then there will be an additional fee if you would like to use MobilePay on your Branded site. Read more about that here.



Branded Light



149 kr

149 kr



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