We offer the possibility to broadcast all donations to your fundraising page to Stremlabs. Here it is possible to use this data in your live streams, you can e.g. show total amount collected or each individual donation.

Connecting to your Streamlabs account

Go to your profile page.


From here you will need to connect to your Streamlabs account. Simply just press "Link your account to Streamlabs". If you don't see the button to connect to Streamlabs, it is because the integration havn't yet been set up for the site. In this case, please contact

Important: Your streamlabs account and your profile both needs to be created in the same email for the connection to work.

Afterwards, go to your fundraising page and press "edit fundraiser" 



And here check the checkbox to broadcast donations to your Streamlabs account.

How to set it up in Streamlabs

The information we send can be used in the alert box widget. We send a notification to streamlabs for each new donation. We send all new donation, and these will be shown with the text "%{donor_name} donated %{donation_amount} to %{charity_name}" that will be shown in the alert box.
To test the connection, simply launch the widget URL while you make a donation.
The design of the alert box is something that is set ande made within streamlabs and not anything that is controlled by us.

You should edit for the 'donation' type event in order to edit the look of the alert box.
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