How to add additional text in connection with the acceptance of your privacy policy

You can edit the text that follows the checkbox for accepting the terms/conditions and privacy policy. You can use this if you need to highlight parts of your privacy policy or want to set expectations on future communication under legitimate interest.

You can change the text from your dashboard --> settings --> forms


The text you add in this field will then be shown together with the checkbox for collecting contact permissions.



You can't change the first sentence. The first sentence will always have the link to the terms and conditions of the site, and a link to your privacy policy (if you have added a link in your dashboard, see here how to this)

You can have the text in connection terms/conditions and privacy policy acceptance checkbox translated. As in all parts of the BetterNow dashboard, you will edit the translation for the language you have set in the top menubar. So if you have your locale set to e.g. 'EN' then you are editing then English version. To switch to another locale simply change the language in the top menubar.




Note the following:

These settings are set to the same across all projects and all fundraisers. You can't change it for specific projects or fundraisers.

It is the same text for terms/conditions and privacy policy acceptance that will be used in all forms, so this setting will both change the form used when users create a fundraiser and make a donation.

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