User Deletion


Users can delete their own accounts. This will delete their fundraisers, teams and name+comment on all donations made, together with all the personal information we have on them, wherever it stored in our systems.

Therefore this also can't be undone.

If you receive a request from a user to be deleted, the best you can do is to ask them to it themselves. This ensures that the users are aware of all its consequences and that it is their actual wish. 

How to delete an account

Users can delete their account from their profile settings page.

You can always delete your BetterNow profile and account. To do this navigate the user has to navigate to their profile settings after logging in.




Here there is a button in the left menubar from where you can delete your account. When pressing this you will see the following screen.


To delete the account, the users has to type in DELETE (or the corresponding word in your local language) and press DELETE MY ACCOUNT.

For Branded sites

On Branded sites, the user is informed that deleting their account here does not delete all their information from your database when deleting their account on charity branded site.


Error messages

If the user receives the following error message: "We are unable to automatically delete your account. Please contact support [your support email] for assistance." If you receive such a request pass it on to us and we will take care of it.

Webhook and API

A webhook event will be sent with the deletion so that you can update your records accordingly. Read the documentation here.

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