Setting up Swish


With BetterNow you take Swish payments directly to you existing Swish accounts and set-up. Here is how to set-it up.

1. Request a CSR from BetterNow and inform BetterNow what Swish number you intend to use.


2. Sign in to Swish and generate certificate at their certificate page


3. The person logging in need to be one of the persons who you specified in the Swish agreement. This person also need to have his or hers Mobile BankID, the organisation number and the swish number (you can find this on your Swish agreement).

4. Follow the instructions on how to generate client certificate, you can find this in section 2.6. Order a new Certificate.

Note: Choose PEM format.


5. Insert CSR you have received from BetterNow. Note that all characters need to be copied, including the hyphens in the beginning and end.




6. Copy the certificate to clipboard

  • Open a texteditor (notepad in Windows or TextEdit in Mac)
  • Copy paste the certificate to the text editor
  • Save file to a “*.pem” filename extension (see pictures bellow)


7. Send the file back to BetterNow


BetterNow will inform when the set-up has been done.

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