Adding a link to your Terms and Conditions

You should set your own terms and conditions for donations to you. These e.g. explain to donors if and how they can get a refund and could include various other terms for donations to you. (E.g. if you don't accept donations from certain sectors or companies).

If you have a white label site, you can likewise set your own Terms and Conditions for the overall use of the site. These should govern the use of the site by fundraisers, donors and users in general. 


How to add your Terms and Conditions

1. Go to general settings in your dashboard


2. Add a URL to a page containing your Terms and Conditions


If your terms and conditions are placed within your privacy policy, simply add the same URL in both places. We do recommend to separate them, as it makes it easier to read and understand for the donors. 


Where will these be shown?

For white label customers: If you have a white label site, these will be linked to from the following places on your site.

  • The site footer
  • The donation form
  • The general sign-up form
  • The creation of a fundraising page form

If you are active on one of the BetterNow platforms (e.g.,, etc.) then it will be linked to from the donation form on these sites, but not any other place on these platforms.

For platform only customers: If you only are active on BetterNow platforms, then it will only be linked to from the donation forms.

Note: As it is a requirement by most payment acquires that there is a set of terms and conditions, we will show the BetterNow terms and conditions if left blank. However, you should add your own and if not we will remind you to do so.


Inspiration for creating your own Terms and Conditions

We have created two set of terms and conditions, one if you only use the BetterNow platforms, and on if you have a white label site. Both versions are available in English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Spanish. 

You can find examples of how a set of terms and conditions can look for you here.

NOTE: Use on own responsibility. BetterNow cannot be held liable for the use of these T&C and they are given for inspiration only.



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