Reporting during transition to the new payment infrastructure (2019 change)

This article gives an overview of the changes you will experience as you move from our old payment infrastructure, where BetterNow was a payment aggregator, to the new set-up where you will be paid directly from payment acquires.

The 'old' monthly reports will continue to exist as always. However you will note some changes. These are related both to the overview, the invoices, and to the donation details report.

The overview page

The overview page have changed and you will see that we have divided the financial part into two sections. One for the donations settled by BetterNow, this is the part you are used to. And then an additional section for donations settled to you by Clearhaus, Swish and Vipps.

In the transition period, which may last between 1 to 3 months depending on your activity level, you will have donations paid out both by BetterNow and directly from payment acquirers. Read more about payouts here.

Eventually there will be no donations paid out by BetterNow and this section will be populated purely by zeroes. When all our partners are moved to the new set-up, this section will disappear entirely.

Below is an example of a report for a charity where all donations are settled directly by payments acquires and none by BetterNow:


The invoices

As long as you have donations settled by BetterNow you will keep getting invoices in the old format. And as soon as you start receiving donations from new acquires we will start billing your our fees and the payment service fees on the credit card you have added. Read more on this here. You will receive the receipt for the card charge on email. 

In the transition months where you will have donations settled by both BetterNow and directly by payments acquirers, you will therefore receive two invoices/payment receipts from BetterNow. 

The donation details report

We have added four additional columns to the donation detail reports. These have information on acquires and the payment ID, so that you can match donations with payments. You can read the full documentation on this report here.

In addition to the donation reports, you will find the settlement reports for Clearhaus under the menu point 'Settlements'. Read more about these these here

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