Fundraiser goal tracking with virtual pageviews

To make the fundraiser creation flow smoother we skipped the Thank You page, and that makes it difficult to track as a goal in Google Analytics. But you can easily track it by creating virtual pageviews that will send hits to Google Analytics when a fundraiser is created.

Create a tag to track virtual pageviews with the following setup:

Tag Type: Google Analytics
Track Type: Page View
Check Enable overriding this tag
More Settings:
  Fields to Set: 
    Field Name: Page - Value: virtual/fundraiser-created
    Field Name: Title - Value: Fundraiser Created


Navigate to Triggers and create a trigger for this tag with the following configuration:

Trigger Type: Element Visibility
Selection Method: ID
Element ID: analytics-fundraiser-created
When to fire this trigger: Once per event
This trigger fires on: Page Path
Contains: create-fundraise

Reference to this trigger: Tag Virtual Pageview


Publish the changes and test the tag with the GTM preview and Google Analytics Realtime Overview. 

Create the Goal in Google Analytics. You can also create a funnel to track conversion over the fundraiser creation flow.

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