Set an external ID on fundraisers [BETA]

In some cases you will want an easy way to set an ID of your own on each fundraiser. This could for example enable you to 

 - match fundraisers with e.g. a event participant ID
 - match fundraisers with an external group or team id

If you want to se the same ID for all fundraiser under a given project, you should rather look at our reference code feature. 

How to set the ID on a fundraiser

The ID can be set using a URL parameter. So e.g.[project-slug]&external_id=[your-id]

URL parameters isn't the most stable way to do this (hence the 'Beta' tag) so you must assume that it will fail in some cases.

How to retrieve the ID for each fundraiser

The parameter is called external_id in our API and in the fundraiser API response it will be part of the partner_data object.

Alternatively you can (if you are on the Premium Branded plan) have a custom report made for you that includes the parameter.

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